About Me

Picture of me

I am a front end developer with experience creating responsive, accessible web applications. My background in statistic and sciences has given me strong analytical ability, which has been invaluable in my developer journey.

I bring a positive and steady presence to every team I'm in, as well as a meticulous and holistic approach to problem solving. I'm super excited to apply my skills and build meaningful products. Example of products that excites me are productivity tools, online health applications, and platforms that help connects people.

When not coding, catch me drawing poorly, playing pool and video games, and reading some a mix of fiction and sociology books.

My Skills

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • SASS

  • React

  • Python

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Firebase

  • R

  • Flask

Web Dev Projects

Picture of sticky note app

React | JavaScript | Firebase

A React to-do list? A sticky note app? Why not both?

Users can add or remove as many tasks as needed, then save their list to Firebase. The saved list will then be display in the below section. Users can also interact with the saved list. They can edit task(s), cross out ones they've finished, and delete the list if they've finished all tasks (or like to pretend they have)

Picture of pace calculator

JavaScript | jQuery

A pace calculator that doesn't make the user re-enter every inputs if they've made a mistake in their calculation, want to do a new calculation, or even dare to change between metric and imperial units, as can be seen here.

Picture of quiz app

JavaScript | jQuery | RESTful API

A quiz app. It's a quiz app. Because who wants to play trivia quiz in JSON?

It's fully responsive, accesible by keyboard, let's the user choose the game settings...

Give it a try!

HTML5 | CSS3 | SCSS | JavaScript

So, so, soo many PSD conversions.

Preserved in their possibly janky states as proof of how far I've come.